Geolocation permission for mobile app

Use case or problem

One of the many ways I use Obsidian is to create notes of places. These could be restaurants I’ve seen a great recommendation for, places I’d like to visit, places I’ve been, upcoming events, etc.

One critical piece of context for a place is its location, so I add in the geolocation coordinates using the Map View plugin (thanks esm!). Then, say I travel to a new town or suburb, I can open a map and see all the places I’d like to visit or eat, along with the notes I made and reference information I entered.

It would be great to be able to also be out somewhere, create a new note and be able to easily add geolocation information to the note from within the app (e.g. using the Map View plugin). This would require the Obsidian mobile app to have the ability to request location permission from the device, which it currently can’t do.

Proposed solution

I propose that the developers add to the mobile app, the ability to request access to location information from the device.

As a second, or concurrent step, I would love to also be able to use a What3Words location instead of Lat/Long coordinates.

Current workaround (optional)

One current workaround is to open Google Maps, zoom to current location, drop a pin, touch and hold the pin, scroll to the coordinates, touch and hold to select coordinates, copy the coordinates, switch back to Obsidian and paste the coordinates into the note in the format Geolocation.

Related feature requests (optional)

I can’t find any related feature requests.