Enable Geolocation APIs for mobile and desktop

Use case or problem

When updating my journal, I’d like to be able to include a relatively precise location. Unfortunately this is essentially impossible right now - best we can do is IP based, which is very imprecise.

Proposed solution

  • Include the permissions required in manifests for iOS/Android.
    At least on iOS, the user won’t be asked until they actually use the feature.
  • Ensure that navigator.geolocation works properly.
  • For additional accessibility, provide a command that enters the current location as a core plugin.
  • For extra additional accessibility, provide the core template with the ability to insert location on insert.
  • This is also useful for weather information in weather-station-dense localities.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Use free services - quite limited.
  • Some plugins use IP geolocation to provide an approximate area.
  • I’m considering using iOS shortcuts and Templater magic to “give” the geolocation data to Obsidian.

Related feature requests (optional)

I’ve found a similar thread in a very different place on the forum.