Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes

+1 to editable/scaleable transclution

An emphatic +1 to Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes.
Is this in the roadmap?


+1 too.
It would be nice too if not only the whole note but the sections (headers, lists) would be foldable.


I completely agree.

I was surprised that even though I have the settings for folding headers & indents enabled that I was unable to fold them in a transcluded note.

It’s awkward & counterintuitive to me to have a note where you can fold headers/indents & this note contain a transcluded note also with headers/indents, but the ones in the transcluded note to not be foldable.


+1 Yes please on this feature! Would make embedding/transcluding a WAY more powerful tool.
Would be great for making big indexes/MoCs!


I find that this would be a really helpful feature. I can think of many use cases, but will describe only one (different from the one above).

When making notes, I often like to have an ‘inset’ where I explore a matter, or describe an exercise. I would like to fold it this inset (transclusion) as it is not part of the main thread, so that it does not appear when I would like to focus on the main thread.

I have used headings to approximate this behaviour, but folding a heading also folds material below it until the next heading of an equivalent or higher priority.

A folding inset would be most useful in this regard, enhancing the clarity and succinctness of a note while still making available sub-threads from a different note. A folding inset that remembers its status across sync would be even better.



I think this feature would be really valuable. As I don’t always want to see the sub bullets when I embed a note

Adding another +1 on this. The ability to fold embedded content seems highly intuitive and would be extremely useful.

I totally agree with everyone, this is a really helpful feature to make dynamic document generated by previews more clear to read.

I’d like to see this, too. As a workaround, I sometimes put headers immediately above and below the transclusion so I can hide it, but that’s often awkward and it would be cleaner to be able to simply fold the transclusion, especially when the transcluded note already has its own header at the top.



This feature is very important, as you can transclude large chunks of texts.

A workaround I use:
I make a bullet point which briefly describes the content of the embedded part,
and indent the embed.
This way I can easily fold the embeds, and end up with a bullet list of embedded notes.

Bonus points:

  • Use the “Creases” plugin for quickly folding all embeds in case they lost their folding state.
  • Create a link that folds all creases by using the Advanced URI plugin. This is how it looks: [Fold creases](obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=YOUR-VAULT&commandid=creases%253Afold)
  • You can put that link anywhere in the text. Or make it a button, using the “Buttons” plugin.

This is how the embedded text looks like:

- Description of embedded text 1 %% fold %% 
	- ![[Note#Header]]

- Description of embedded text 2 %% fold %% 
	- ![[Note#Header]]

Note: the “%% fold %%” is the Creases toggle. When you have the plugin installed, it shows a symbol instead.

Because some of you mentioned folding the header, and the problem being that everything underneath the header is folded as well, what I like to do is:

# Header A (to be folded)
text that should be folded
# ´
Text that should not be folded under Header A.
(The # ´ line "stops the folding".) 

# Header B


Is there a good mod for this?

A helpful discord user showed me that embedded docs can easily be hidden inside a foldable callout, like so:

[!My Callout]-

Thanks deezy.


+1 !!!

+1 for this!

I’d love to see all block types become foldable. E.g., i would love it if blockquotes were foldable.

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+1, please, yes

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Maybe this is related?
Link: Reading view: Embedded links cant be folded/unfolded

(this is the latest discussion i could find on the topic)

What I want is simplicity: Embedded links in the standard Rendered Editing view should render with a clickable toggle indicator on the left, just as headings do. If collapsed, it would render exactly like [[Embed]] does (i.e. showing the text), and if expanded, it would render as its content like it currently does.

My use case is, I want to write an article and atomize the sections by making them separate files. I would write a section as

### Embed
Section text

This is foldable. But at some point I want this to be a separate note and then use the command to convert to a note and embed a link. This gives me ![[Embed]].
Then I can see the section inline. But I would like to be able to expand/collapse these sections the same as I would #### headings, but it no longer is possible. ### ![[embed]] doesn’t work because the stuff is inlined. So the only way to do this is the very clunky

### Embed

If there’s a plugin, to do something linke this, I’m open.

Commentary on previous discussion
I don’t use Reading View much, so zakazak’s link isn’t interesting to me.

redwards’s suggestion for embedded pdf doesn’t seem to do anything for embedded notes.

chrsle suggested some complex thing involving a crease plugin, which clutters the markdown both by requiring outline structures, a description line and a fold marker. I would forgo all that and just use ![[Note#Header]], if that could then be folded.

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+1, yes please!