Folder as markdown note

I am not a developer but do you think that inspecting the element of the elements label box can reduce its size to just the triangle / arrow box?

It’s easy to capture the triangle, the problem is that we can not prevent the collapse behavior when a folder is clicked.

Does this work on Mac?
It doesn’t for me: command clicking a folder does nothing but open it and control clicking just pops up the usual menu (with no item for creating a folder note).

I had the same confusion actually:

  1. Control + click
  2. Click create new note
  3. Name this note whatever you set the option to inside the settings for “folder name” plugin (if it has the name the plugin will recognize it as the note for this folder)
  4. Restart obsidian (the note will still be visible until you restart obsidian) but even without restarting if the name is correct clicking on the folder will automatically open the note now.

I hope this was clear.

i.e. the folder note is just a normal note with the special title that you set in the settings for the plugin to recognize / hide / show it as needed

I don’t use Mac, so the plugin does not detect the command key for Mac. Now I have tried to fix the problem and you may try the updated version 0.3.1.

No, normally, Ctrl + Left click or (Cmd + Left click on Mac) will automatically create the note file for you. you don’t have to create it manually. I have tried to fix the problem on mac, please try the updated version 0.3.1.

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Just updated it, it works now!

Great plugin, thanks a lot! Makes life much easier! (and better index notes for folders ><)

After update and restart, it works!
For a longtime Scrivener user, it’s great to have folders (virtually) double as documents again.
Thanks a lot for the quick reply and fix.

When I create a new folder I can’t make a new note for it at the time by Ctrl + Clicking . i have to restart the obsidian again to be able to do that. I also can’t rename the note when I am renaming the folder. I think it supposed to be the case. It works but needs a lot of restarting and double checking things manually for now.

I think you are using an old version of the plugin, please update the plugin to the latest version through obsidian’s community plugin settings and check the updated features.

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Thanks, yes it was outdated, thought it was going to auto-update.
It is bad that renaming the note by renaming the folder is not possible. Renaming the note to about is not a good solution because it does not work with wiki-style of linking.

Thanks for suggesion.
Now it is possible to change the note file name automatically with the plugin of version 0.4.0. However you have to change the folder structure as described in the plugin repo page.
Please leave message about the plugin to the post Folder Note Plugin: Add description note to folder. I think the current post maybe better for idear sharing.

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Thanks you. I really appreciate it.
The other issue Is that renaming only works one-way (from folder to note). I always rename the note so that Obsidian renames the links to it.

I don’t use this style of folder note, so it has not been fully tested. Now the issue has been fixed, please update to the latest version.

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I tried, It’s not working.
Also, every time I reopen obsidian the notes are visible, they only hide when I click on their folder.

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I think my plugin called Zoottelkeeper does something similar: it creates and maintains index files of every folder and subfolder, and reflects on events of file creation, deletion and file or subfolder move.

It can be tried via the official catalog of plugins in Obsidian.
and last but not least: any feature requests, feedbacks and/or stars are welcome on git:


I really liked reading Dendron’s website too. Could this be accomplished with hierarchy tags? The refactoring part is where this gets tricky. We need to be able to edit the name of the tags (edit the hierarchy) when branches need modified or “moved”. This isn’t possible in Obsidian at this time, which you also commented on here.


+1 for the feature request. I also come from Trilium Notes, and this was a really attractive feature that I can’t find here in Obsidian.

It’s not a feature request and unlikely to be added to core. But you can try alx-folder-note. Not yet available in community list but its basic function is much more improved.

For anyone who is using xpgo’s folder note, I’ve published a new folder note plugin with many huge improvements, now available on community plugins list: aidenlx/alx-folder-note