Folded header preview/edit sync

Would be great, now that folding in preview works, that it would sync over to edit mode as well and the other way around. Example:

You fold down a header in preview, switch to edit, it’s folded there too. At the moment, these things doesn’t sync. Same way, if you have something folded in edit, you would want it folded in preview as well.

As I experienced today, I folded a couple of headers in preview mode, then wanted to edit something visible in preview, once I went into edit mode, the thing I wanted to edit was now at furthest bottom of the page. And when I wanted to go back, it was unfolded again.


Great idea.
It would also be nice if the collapsed remained collapsed when you leave the note and return to it later


As an PhD in Engineering, I take long notes. I am also facing exact problem.


Oh sorry. I didn’t see this thread. I just made a really similar feature request called: Sync Heading folds in Edit/Preview and Outline when panes are linked. Perhaps these should be merged.

Though in my request, I’m also adding that it would be nice if Outlines were also sync’d with Preview/Edit as well.

Steps to reproduce

  1. in edit mode, have H1, H2, H3
  2. still in edit mode, fold H1
  3. switch to view mode
  4. swith back to edit mode
  5. previously folded H1 become unfold again

Expected result

Expend the H1 to remain folded when switching between edit and view mode

Actual result

It always unfold all headers/lists that was set to fold in edit mode


  • Operating system: Linux
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7
  • Using custom CSS: no

Additional information


Isn’t this more of a bug than a feature request? Idk what the indented behavior is by specification, but this doesn’t feel like it is desired.

Everytime I open a page , I have to fold headings(which I prefer by default)
Can’t obsidian contain memory of what my last status(fold/unfold) was .
It does contain memory for a short period though when I keep the page open and open another pane of same page in preview mode .
But it exist only as long as I open it


I’d really like to see this implemented.

I like to work on one item at a time (list or heading section) and fold all others, but I have to do this every time I switch between modes (which is often).

this will be implemented in v0.11

@WhiteNoise Did this actually make it in to 0.11? It doesn’t seem to work for me. Do I need to enable something?

there are synced if you switch between preview/edit (this request), not if you keep edit/preview side by side

@WhiteNoise oh I see. Hmm, seems like syncing the folds for side by side mode would really make sense too - no? Should I open a new FR for that?

I am not sure it makes universal sense, but feel free to open a new FR and we get some feedback.

I think need wait WYSIWYG functionality (like Typora). In that case no needs syncing.

Was another thread opened on this? I’d also like to see it sync the folds side by side.

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