File changes made outside Obsidian are not shown (AppImage version)

Steps to reproduce

  • create a file in Obsidian, save it
  • change the file outside Obsidian (other editor) and save it

Expected result

  • Obsidian should show the changes / refresh the view (it obviously works for others)

Actual result

  • nothing happens


  • Operating system: Linux
  • Obsidian version: 0.6.7 (AppImage)
  • Using custom CSS: no

I’m also on Linux with 0.6.7 (AppImage) and can confirm the behavior.

Obsidian seems to only load external changes when loading the page (or reloading with Ctrl+R). This can result in lost data if you begin typing in the Obsidian page, since Obsidian will save the file as-is, overwriting the external changes.

We have an idea of what may cause this. Let me know if you still have this problem when we release 0.7

I have a similar issue in that files (.md files) created in the Obsidian root folder by external apps (iAwriter on Android) are not shown in the Linux version of Obsidian (Appimage) unless I close it and open it again.

Should I create a separate thread for this or should I wait for 0.7 too?

wait for 0.7

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I’m currently seeing this behavior on 0.7.3. I have the note open in Obsidian and changed it with a text editor externally. It doesn’t reflect the changes unless I switch to another note and then switch back. Is this expected behavior?