Workflow: Typora & Obsidian

Just wanted to share a fun discovery I just made. Both Typora and Obsidian auto-save every few seconds. With the same markdown file opened in both, changes were updated almost in real time. The syntax is pretty similar; links work fine. Even Obsidian’s undo function seemed to interpret Typora’s changes, I’m not entirely sure how. I do still prefer Typora for writing and creative work, but Obsidian’s linking system and other features are much more fully-featured. Until the full Obsidian editor is implemented, I think this will be my personal solution.


Great to know having them open at the same time is working out for you!

Typora is definitely the editing experience that Obsidian will look up to.


You can edit markdown files in VScode (with Markdown plugins) and Obsidian can read the changes in the real time.

Might come handy if you need to use VScode plugins like

  • dictionary
  • HTML converter
  • other markdown features etc .

while taking notes

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I just want to be ‘that guy’ and say this is why I like markdown so much!


Yep but the plan is to get those plugins such as dictionary, html converter et rest into Obsidian. Even if I use VSCode daily I don’t think it’s a user-friendly system for people who mostly work with WYSIWYG editors.


Hi @Silver There is a better option I’ve found called Mark Text. It’s Typora on steroids. It’s open source and made on Electron.


It is WYSIWYG, web site was not clear, if not WYSIWYG , then for me Typora (and future Obsidian ) is better?

Yes, it is.

It’ preview so it does not sound like WYSIWYG editing.

I believe MarkText is indeed WYSIWYG, but personally I feel Typora’s editing experience is cleaner. Just my experience though.


It would be great to find an online markdown editor like Typora that could access Obsidian files and folders. I’ve tried the most popular, but none of them seem to be able to open files.

Please, take a look at the new upcoming Bear markdown editor. Looks very slick:


I could open Obsidian vault md files with Typora, bind it to the default app fort example. Should work with any other Markdown editor app as well.

I just tried editing a file in Typora, and when I saved it, the Edit pane in Obsidian went blank; the Preview pane does update automatically with the changes made in Typora. Even closing and reopening Obsidian, the Edit pane is still blank and not editable. Anyone else notice anything like this?

(Obsidian v0.6.7)

No, I just tested v0.6.7, and it works the same way it does before. I did notice some difficulty renaming folders in Obsidian with Typora open, but that’s normal file system behavior.

Ah, looking more closely, it seems to be related to my use of the espanso text expander… I’ve got a snippet that includes newline (\n) characters, and when I expand my snippet in Typora, it blanks out the Obsidian Editor pane. Strange, but I don’t think the issue is related to Obsidian!

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Neither Bear Alpha nor Mark Text can match Obsidian.

We are speaking the editor, not the overall features.

Hi @minttoothpick, I am experiencing a similar issue. I’m using Alfred snippets for text expansion. I create GUIDs for projects in this format -> 200607163540. When I rename an existing file adding a GUID and there is already a link to this page in Obsidian, it breaks the link. Clicking it create a new file because the rename wasn’t detected.
Copy pasting the GUID manually for the filename does not cause this issue.
I don’t think this is Obsidian related, but rather OS and text-expander related.