[Feature] syncing .obsidian with mobile shouldn't turn off the plugins that are unsupported on mobile


[ ] iOS
[√] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.3.0(63)
API v0.15.6

And after syncing back to the PC, PC-only plugins need to be opened again. I checked community-plugins.json and found that the plugins that are not supported on mobile are indeed missing. Am I wrong or is it just that?
If that’s the case, we can’t make all plug-ins fit mobile, but can Obsidian at least not to load unsupported plugins while keeping their state? This can be a lot of help for those who want to sync the configuration folder with mobile.

I believe this request is related with mine:

I face issues on the mobile side - I am unable to go the the file explorer and am stuck on the last opened file. Have to dump storage for the app on Android; re-sync from the PC and then re-open the vault.

I am now trying to skip the hidden folders while syncing on the mobile side - does anybody know if this will completely break it?

I apologise, this issue was to do with my device preferences than a bug in the sync. Since I use gesture navigation, I use the edges of the screen to go back. So whenever I wanted to slide to the file explorer the app would quit, and I over-thought it!

Simple solution, slide panes from the middle of the screen.