[Feature] support "Pasting" images


[x] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3

Recently I had a discussion on a feature request for Imgur plugin to support mobile.

I tried the following on both - Android and iOS:

  • Google images search with mobile browser
    • tap and hold any image
    • press “copy” from context menu
  • Switch to Obsidian mobile app,
    • press and hold text area,
    • “paste” from context menu

On both platforms: nothing happens on “paste”. I am sure there there is a technical capability for this to work. The clipboard supports not only text, but also images, like PC. I’ve successfully tested image “paste” with Telegram.

So, this is the feature request to support pasting images from the buffer.

Additional question: there is already one way to attach images from camera roll/gallery to obsidian mobile vault. What event is used for attaching images this way? It’s definitely not “drag” or “paste”, because current version of the Imgur plugin does not react on adding image from mobile device.


I am not sure, but probably this bug report is directly related to my feature request

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+1 for this, it would make using notability/obsidian so much better


+1, being able to paste screenshots of my handwritten notes directly on the iPad would be life changing.