[Feature] Page view widget



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

A widget for android that shows an editable version of a set page or a daily notes page. Maybe have it show the Preview of that page on the home screen, then switch to Editor view if you click on the page to start editing/typing.

I don’t know what other community members think of widgets, but for me, widgets make or break a mobile app. It would go a long way to making it possible for Obsidian to replace my note-taking and todo-list apps. It would probs end up being the only thing on my home screen lol.


agreed. this post also refers to this feature, we should get as many votes on a single post as possible

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Is there some news to this from Developement?
As my Obisidan-Vault gets bigger and more Plugins get installed it needs more time to load up…

PS: other post with 24 likes is closed

That one is no longer open, we should post here: