Add widgets for Android app

Use case or problem

Currently the Android app has no widget support. Adding a few basic widgets would be immensely helpful for quicker access to high-use notes and help with overall app usability.

Proposed solution

I think there are 2 widget types that would be extremely helpful to start:

  1. Widget to display a note and contents

This widgets would be used to display the contents of a note in a resizable widget. The title of the note would be in a header at the top. Clicking on this would open the app directly to the note

  1. Widget to link directly to a note

This one would be simple link to a specific note which would only display the note name. When clicked it open the app directly to the note.

Current workaround (optional)

There currently is a workaround for the second widget I mentioned which involves using the Tasker app. Although I think it could be a lot more seemless if it was built in native to the app.

There currently is no workaround to the first widget I mentioned, other than use another app. And having notes across multiple apps is hard, and annoying, to manage. An android app that does have a good example of this type of widget is ColorNote.

Related feature requests (optional)