[Feature] bring back the old behavior of editing links when clicked


[ ] iOS

  • [x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.1.1 (49)

in the previous version of obsidian mobile app, by default, when clicking on a link the behavior is to edit the link and simultaneously a pop-up saying “follow link” appears; clicking on that popup causes the linked note to open.
I think the current behavior - with the link opening if it is clicked normally and the link can be edited only if it is long pressed - I think this is makes it harder to edit things in edit mode (quoting @CawlinTeffid here)
Rather, editing the link by default when the link is clicked normally and opening the link with a long-press might be the better alternative, IMO.
Or the best of all worlds would be to have a option in the settings menu to choose the kind of behavior.

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After a period of adjustment, I prefer the new behavior for links and think it’s a reasonable default. (Tags are still giving me trouble, tho — often when trying to insert a tag between 2 others I accidentally tap one).

I do think an option in settings would be good, tho.

100% agreed. Long press is not discoverable. The default in edit mode should be to edit. You know. That’s why I’m in edit mode…