Obsidian Release v0.13.25 (Insider build)

Shiny new things

  • Clicking on links in Live Preview will now open them directly.
    • Previously Ctrl/Cmd+Click to open link is now simply a click
    • Previously Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+Click to open link in new pane is now Ctrl/Cmd+Click, just like everywhere else in the app.
    • Use click and drag or right click to edit the link.
  • Embedding list items will now show any sub list items when rendering.


  • Embeds to files that don’t yet exist will automatically load the file once it’s created. This avoids issues with images that syncs in after opening the note it was embedded in.
  • Word count now properly counts apostrophes.
  • Renamed “Swap line up/down” commands to “Move line up/down”.
  • Obsidian Publish now has an option to hide page title headings.
  • Added persistent notice to the help vault to remind users not to save data in it, since the help vault can be reset.
  • Added additional confirmation for opening file:/// links.

No longer broken

  • Fixed several issues with IME in the new editor.
  • Fixed code blocks tagged with markdown as the language causes Live Preview to misbehave.
  • Fixed mermaid state diagrams not properly sized.
  • Fixed command palette performance issue.
  • Fixed export to PDF doesn’t expand embedded notes and instead show a scrollbar.
  • Fixed local file:/// links stopped working.
  • Fixed macOS caret character misbehaving when used as a deadkey in some keyboard layouts.
  • Fixed hitting Shift+End twice not going to the end of the paragraph.


  • Theme developers: our new editor has received an upgrade where previous &ZeroWidthSpace; characters, used as placeholders for computing cursor positions, have been switched to 0-width <img> elements. We recommend double-checking that your theme does not contain global img { ... } CSS rules to avoid breaking the editor.
  • TFile.unsafeCachedData has been removed and is now stored in a private inaccessible WeakMap to avoid accidental use of this unsafe data.
  • There is now a new requestUrl API function that returns an object with the http response status, headers, as well as getters for arrayBuffer, json, and text. This is a more advanced version of the request API. (Requires API version 0.13.25)
  • The request and the new requestUrl functions can now accept a body of type ArrayBuffer.


  • Thanks to Tobias Fink of RISE pentest team for helping us patch several security vulnerabilities.