[Feature] Adding CSS Snippets to Obsidian Mobile

Maybe this is possible, but currently it does not seem possible to add css snippets to the mobile app on iOS. The only I can find to do this is to have the mobile device synced with a desktop vault that has all theme information to sync. I do use sync, but want to have some mobile only settings that are not necessarily synced with a desktop instance of Obsidian. And I’m sure many users who primarily work on a tablet need a way to add snippets.

You can use iOS / iPadOS applications like “Working Copy” to access the snippets folder and to create or manage your css files.

That’s a really helpful tip, but I think for most users it would still be great to have a way within Obsidian to drop in snippets.

What about putting in an FR for the My Snippets plugin to support mobile? It works nicely with the desktop version.

I haven’t used that plugin–that could also be a good feature. But it seems like the core app should provide the ability to edit and add snippets.