Exporting / saving file version history from Sync

It’s very important for me to preserve the file version history for all of the notes in my Vault. I love Obsidian and Obsidian Sync, but tragically, Sync only stores file version history for 1 year. My 1-year anniversary with Obsidian is coming up in the next few weeks, and I’m trying to find the best way to export / save my Vault’s files’ version history before it’s deleted.

I only found one other post requesting this be extended indefinitely - and I strongly agree with their argument that this indefinite history should be considered part of a Vault’s storage size. In fact, I would pay twice my current monthly subscription for this feature alone - this pattern is fairly common in enterprise / SaaS software.

My vault is quite small - <100mb and <400 files, and I only care about markdown version history, not attachment history. Moving forward, I’ll need to use git to preserve file history, but that won’t replace the past year of version history contained within Obsidian’s Sync service.

I’ve spent a few hours reading the developer / API documentation and these forums, and I can’t find any reference to retrieving data from the Sync version history UI modality, so I believe this is not supported, which is unfortunate. There are a few different posts I’ve found with similar desires, plus the many git-sync-related posts… but nowhere did I find discussion on exporting or preserving Sync version history.

Before I spend a frustrated evening scoping out some ideas to exfil my files’ version history from Obsidian Sync, I figured I’d make a forum post to see if there are any easy(ish) solutions.

I’d love any input or advice. Thank you.

It looks like Obsidian’s roadmap has

Sync collaboration improvements:
Improved version history and new Sync sidebar for vault-wide changes

as 1 of only 2 active goals - so I’m really hopeful that resolves (partially or entirely) my issue!

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