Historical tracking of all notes, all the time. hide/view a leftward column to see when each line was typed

Couple months into Obsidian from Notion, LETSGOOO. the goat.

I like to reuse notes, go in, edit them and what not, add new lines. Purely out of curiosity and laziness not wanting to spam my hotkey for date/time :man_shrugging:t3:

Perhaps the tracking aspect of it is beyond a plugins capabilities, so thanks in advance

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You might be able to get something like this by:

  • Using obsidian-git to periodically take a snapshot of the files in your vault and upload them to github. It’s the “Automatic Backup” feature
  • Then using obsidian-version-history-diff to see which snapshot each change was included in, and when that snapshot was uploaded to github

Although from the screenshots of obsidian-version-history-diff it seems like the note history is shown in a separate modal rather than leftward column