Make the Sync Version History Longer/Indefinite

Right now, the Version History is only one year long. While this is likely enough for most people, it would be nice to have an option similar to:

  • Delete Sync Version History older than: 1 month/ 1 year/ Never

Since Obsidian already sets a limit on total vault size with Sync Version History included, there should be no reason why this wouldn’t work from a business perspective.

Use case

I write longform content in Obsidian. Many times, I write a new “draft” over the previous one, knowing that if for any reason I want to see what I wrote, I can see that in the Sync Version History.

Maybe 2 years down the road I will need/want to see one of the first drafts of the first chapters, but that will already be deleted.


  1. One could just save a copy of each draft, but that is unnecesarily complicated.
  2. Git plugin or other sync alternatives offer the like, but a native implementation would be best.

Strong, strong agree. I’ve only discovered this limitation today and it’s going to cost me a lot of time to figure out how to export Sync version history. I would pay more for Sync solely for indefinite version history.

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I agree with the gist, which is to allow more control over the sync history, specified as ‘n’ days. In my case, I am new user doing a lot of experimentation in Obsidian. My files are changing frequently in small ways, and as a result I am exceeding my 10 GB limit at least once per week and have to manually clear out the old versions. I don’t need a year’s worth of note versions, at present.