Expand file explorer and search results with headings

Now that headings are becoming a powerful feature in Obsidian, it would be great to be able to expand notes in File Explorer, search results, backlinks, etc. to see the list of headings and then click to go to that heading.

+1, I also treat a heading as like as a file. So this feature–especially searching for heading–will be so helpful to search a topic in heading.

It’ll be helpful also if the result of search show which level (H1, H2, H3, etc) a heading is.
When clicked “show more context,” it shows the parent of heading (heading which higher level) and the child of heading (heading which lower level).

I include a date string in many of my note titles for easy visual sorting later when I’m browsing. But, I’d be happy to just keep simply note titles if it were also possible to display date created or modified within the explorer and search results.

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@argentum I do not see any relation between this and the request Toggle display date in file explorer and search results from @icebear, I think you used wrong link during merging process.
For example there is more general File Explorer to be more like Windows (sort by properties) /Merge with search which would be more appropriate.
This one is about integration/unification of structured content within files with hierarchical structure of file system.

I think my line of reasoning back then was related to showing more information in the file explorer:

Which I think is a bit different than sorting the file explorer according to its date. I’d be happy to move this if @icebear think it fits better on the other thread.

You correctly interpreted my intention!

Maybe just nest headings? So that H1 is a child of the note, H2 a child of H1, etc.