File Explorer to be more like Windows (sort by properties) /Merge with search

Update the File Explorer to be more like the Windows file explorer e.g. sort by file properties like date created, last edited, recently opened.

Additional features like most frequently opened.

Merge with search results to have it in one place.

“views” or virtual folders, i.e. I can select files, save them under a name/“view” and then clicking the view hides all other files. These are akin to virtual folders, virtual in the that the underlying files are not actually sort in that way under the OS file system. This will allow for bringing together notes that are disparate and saving them together in an ad-hoc manner as necessary for new ideas to emerge and then removed as it’s not needed.


Coming from Evernote where searching happens in the file explorer pane, I’ve find the two separate panes in Obsidian annoying, but I haven’t figured out yet the possible advantages of having them separated. Would like to here from the developers on this UI choice.

+1 - I also find the distinction between File Explorer, Search, and Stars to be artificial and unwieldy. It should all be one pane. The Search box should be at the top of File Explorer and live-filter the file list as you type. Saved searches should appear as virtual folders. Starred files should have a star icon next to them (probably on the right), and maybe have a star icon next to the search box that shows all starred files.

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This request highly overlaps with another request: Unified files and search view
What about merging/consolidating them into one?

This has been mostly implemented. Search/ open a FR for what is missing.