Enhancing Search and Internal Link Creation with Plural Form Support

I am grappling with an issue related to naming notes in plural form and its impact on internal link creation. This challenge is especially pertinent for users dealing with both English and French, affecting the coherence of their Obsidian vaults.

While there is an existing feature request concerning accentuated characters (referenced below), I’d like to focus solely on the plural form. This is part of a process called “lemmatization” and “stemming” in the search engine.

In my vault, which boasts over 3,000 notes, I frequently encounter situations where I want to create internal links based on concepts discussed in my notes. However, when using the internal link shortcut over a selection, Obsidian sometimes fails to recognize existing notes, particularly when dealing with plural forms. For instance, if I have a note titled “protein” and I attempt to link to it using the plural form “proteins”. Obsidian treats it as if the note doesn’t exist due to the additional “s” breaking the search pattern. It is the same situation as with accentuated words alternatives.

This scenario occurs regularly.

My current workaround involves naming all notes in their plural form to avoid creating aliases for each, which would be time-consuming. However, this solution is not always elegant or intuitive.

Obsidian would greatly benefit from a more flexible approach to auto-complete and search features, specifically by loosening the strict matching criteria. This could involve ignoring diacritics (e.g., é = è = e). Accommodating extra letters at the end of words (e.g., protein = proteins).

Obsidian already handles capitalized letters seamlessly (e.g., E = e).

This enhancement would significantly improve the user experience for note creation and linking.

Complementary feature request: Ignore accents/diacritics in search


I agree. I strongly wish for better all around relevant/fuzzy searching to move around and find things more quickly.

Here is another somewhat related thread: Sort search results by relevance (and what relevance is)

And a much older thread about being able to search for content, to be able to link a file when you are searching for contents, but don’t necessarily know the title of the note. Especially when using symbolic note titles like Zettlekasten. For example if your “Protein” note was actually titled “2023-12-21-1026” Suggesting links based on content - #2 by rigmarole


Better link suggestions would be good. Maybe it could offer to use the variant form as link text.


  • [[protein]]s
  • [[protein|proteins]]

Linked to: Grammatical and/or syntactic equivalences for backlink discovery (“Unlinked mentions” feature would also benefit from it)