Enable Ctrl+Scroll or gesture on touchpad to change zoom in common way

Enable Ctrl+Scroll or gesture on touchpad to change zoom as is currently done with Ctrl±, Ctrl+=. As is common e.g. in internet browser.
purpose: be more intuitive for new users.

  • When no graphview is displayed in the active pane. (In Graph View it already works.)
  • When no map in iframe is under cursor.

We won’t be implementing this. Obsidian is not an internet browser despite using web technologies. Most people don’t expect their desktop app to resize everything when ctrl/cmd+scrolling, especially since ctrl is often pressed for all kinds of hotkey combinations like ctrl+z, ctrl+c, etc. It’s quite easy to accidentally scroll and make the interface huge or tiny, not knowing how to go back to normal.

Thank you for reply. That suprises me.
For me in Windows 7, both touchpad gesture and Ctrl+scroll work in:

  • AutoHotkey offline help, EmEditor, Google Chrome, IrfanView, LibreOffice, Opera, Microsoft Paint, Stellarium, editor in SuperMemo, TheBrain, VLC Media player, Windows desktop, Windows Explorer, …

So I considered it to be a standard and expected behavior. Maybe other OS is different. I do not recall having issue of zooming accidentally due to this functionality.
But I fully respect your decision.

We might be adding a editor font size as a plugin - when that’s available it might be reasonable to hook that up to Ctrl+Scroll. Right now the only zooming mechanism is zooming the entire interface which doesn’t seem to happen on most other apps.