Ability to set the text area and font sizes with hotkey or mouse-scroll

Use case or problem

I have a large 4k monitor and the limited text area and font size can be distracting. I tried adjusting the font size in css but I was unable to make the text fill the containing panel, so it just became larger with the same content-width.
It would be nice to be able to easily adjust the text content size (not just the font size).

Proposed solution

The ability to use hot keys or ideally something like Ctrl+MouseScroll to zoom the size larger and smaller. This size could be just for the specific pane or for all open panes and could reset when closed (or persist).

Alternately, a setting or hotkey to cause the text to fill the panel rather than be bound to a limited area.

Current workaround (optional)

My current workaround is to squint. :slight_smile:


Do the built-in zoom tools help with this? Try cmd/ctrl++ and cmd/ctrl+-, or cmd/ctrl+0 to reset to default.

Not sure how I missed those in the hotkey list, those help with part of the issue. It would still be nice to be able to make the text content fill the whole panel (or reduce the margins).

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I don’t think they’re in the hotkey list as they aren’t configurable—they come with Electron (what Obsidian is built on).

Just a note, I found that cmd/ctrl++ and cmd/ctrl±, or cmd/ctrl+0 does not work with the number pad keys. Is it only me?

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No, it’s not only you. Electron’s zoom in / out & restore hotkeys do not work with the characters on the number keypad for me either.

Make sure to have unchecked: Obsidian → Settings → Editor → Readable line length