New canvas touchpad gesture

Hi, when I’m mind-wandering in my Obsidian canvas I only use my right hand while I hold onto my cup of coffee with the left one.
Problem: there is no touchpad gesture to zoom in/zoom out.

Proposed solution

  • Lovely option, If feasible: enable zooming out/in with 3 fingers
  • Less lovely option: enable zoom with 2 fingers like on phones: drag fingers closer to zoom in and viceversa for zooming out. Firefox is currently doing it, it’s not really wholesome and precise tho.
  • Another lovely option: define some sort of space dedicated to zooming out/in (aka some sort of right rectangle near the end of the window where scrolling with 2 fingers will zoom in/out instead of moving the canvas around). Perhaps make it so that dragging the mouse on the far right end of the window will zoom? This would obviously only work in fullscreen mode tho.

Current workaround

  • Leave my cup of coffee on the table in order to press CTRL (outrageous!)
  • Perform some fancy contortionism maneuver with my right hand to reach the right CTRL with my pinky while dragging the touchpad in order to scroll.

Related feature requests

Enable Ctrl+scroll or gesture on touchpad to change zoom in common way

What OS are you in?

I’m testing in MacOS, and pinch to zoom is working perfectly fine on my Apple trackpad. But I think I remember in Windows, it wasn’t working. I just assumed it was a mac/windows incompatibility with my trackpad. I’m not logged in there to test right now.

Oh, I would have never thought about that
I’m on Linux with Gnome (more precisely: archlinux).
I’ll try it on windows asap

It works fine on Windows on the same machine