Embedded PDFs render blank on PDF export

Steps to reproduce

  • Create a note
  • Embed a PDF on it
  • Hit “Export to PDF”

Expected result

The embedded PDF shows up on the PDF export

Actual result

The embedded PDFs is rendered as a PDF viewer with blank pages


Obsidian version: v1.3.4
Installer version: v1.3.4
Operating system: Windows 10 Home 10.0.19045
Login status: not logged in
Insider build toggle: off
Live preview: on
Legacy editor: off
Base theme: adapt to system
Community theme: none
Snippets enabled: 0
Restricted mode: off
Plugins installed: 2
Plugins enabled: 2
1: Advanced Tables v0.18.1
2: Excalidraw v1.9.2

Community plugins: for bugs, please first try updating all your plugins to latest. If still not fixed, please try to make the issue happen in the Sandbox Vault or disable community plugins.

Additional information


Will be fixed in v1.3.6

I had the same problem after the last update on a mac; I found out that I had a community plugin installed (better pdf view). When I disable that plugin, everything rendered correctly.

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