Duplication of character strings during kanji conversion in Japanese IME(ATOK)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Select some of the characters you have already entered.
  2. Enter a new character string.
  3. Press the kanji conversion key (ex. spacebar) to perform the kanji conversion.

Expected result

  1. The first candidate for kanji conversion will be displayed. The kanji conversion process is ongoing, and if you press the kanji conversion key again, the next candidate will be displayed.

Actual result

  1. The first kanji conversion candidate is entered in a confirmed state. The kanji conversion process is still in progress, resulting in a double input of the input string.


Windows 10, Obsidian v0.13.16 (installer v0.13.14)
The above occurs when using a Japanese IME called ATOK.
This problem does not occur with other IMEs such as Microsoft IME and Google Japanese Input, so it may be due to ATOK’s unique behavior.
On the other hand, this phenomenon occurs only with new editor, not with legacy editor or CM6 on the web (CodeMirror 6), so I think Obsidian-specific processing is also involved.

Additional information

When I am typing Japanese using ATOK, the suggestions for links and tags are also not working properly during and immediately after kanji conversion.
This also only happens with new editor and not with Microsoft IME or Google Japanese Input.