On Linux, Fcitx/Mozc always inputs first conversion candidate when typing Kanji, making duplicates of a word or unneeded word inputted

Steps to reproduce

  1. On a new line, type a word that has a kanji result as it’s first conversation candidate (e.g. 漢字 ‘kanji’).
  2. Press space to select the candidate.

Expected result

The canditate will not be inputted into Obsidian.

Actual result

The character is inputted into Obsidian just by selecting the canditate. The canditate is exepeceted to only be inputted when pressing enter, or by typing another word. This leads to two unexpected behaviors:

  1. If you want to input the first candidate, it will result in having two of the same word inputted.
  2. If you want to select and input another candidate, it will result in having the first canditate, and the selected canditate inputted.


  • Operating system: EndeavourOS
  • Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.16.13-arch1-1
  • Input Method: Fcitx5 (tested on Fcitx package as well)
  • IME: Mozc

Additional information

Video of bug

It’s unlikely that we are going to look at such niche combination of OS/input method.

Also if you are using the arch package, we don’t support it.
Try with the appimage/snap on our website.

I tried both the appimage and the snap, and it still has the same error.
On Linux, many Japanese users use Fcitx and Mozc. It may effect Chinese users too, as they use Fcitx. if it is possible in the future, so it may be helpful to have someone look into it.

we have CJK users on linux. So I am not sure this is a broad issue or this is something specific to your system.

Apparently Chinese users on Windows are experiencing the same issue with version 13.31!

that’s a different problem.

Hi WhiteNoise,

I have also met a similar case (although again using Windows 10 1909), here is a small demo using default Windows IME in help vault, just for your information, thanks!

Windows IME 13-31

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I remember your problem but that is different issue.

If this is the same bug as andyL, it will be fixed in 0.14 0.13.32.


Thank you!

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