Duplication of characters during kanji conversion in a Japansese IME(ATOK) still remains in some places

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Steps to reproduce

I reported in the linked thread about duplicate strings in the Japanese IME called ATOK. And I am not sure if it was due to changes in Obsidian itself or CodeMirror6, but most of the problem was fixed in v0.14.8 or v0.14.9.


Since then, I have generally been able to type Japanese with ATOK comfortably, but the problem with duplicate strings still remains in some places even in v0.15.8.

  • If you select characters that includes the first character in a list item and then enter a new string, the string will be duplicated when converted. In other words, for some reason, the bug remains only at the beginning of each item in the list.
  • In the editor, when I try to drag the word while conversion, the word is duplicated(I accidentally found it).

The following is not about the editor part, but about other UI parts.

  • If you click on a suggested command while converting a string in the command palette (before confirming it), the character being converted is duplicated twice and the selected command fails to execute. The same behavior is observed in the Quick Switcher and Move File commands.

  • In the search box of file explorer, if I click on a file name in the search results during conversion, the string being converted is duplicated in the search box. The clicked file opens correctly, but the search results are not be displayed correctly because the string being searched for changes(duplicated). The same behavior is observed in the filtering input fields in the backlinks pane.

  • A different issue, when using ATOK, the link and tag suggestions were not working for the word being converted (Microsoft IME and google Japanese input do not have this problem). However, this time I noticed that for the command palette and quick switcher mentioned above, the suggestions are working correctly for strings that are being converted, even when using ATOK. This may also be related to CodeMirror, but I would appreciate it if you could fix the editor part so that suggestions work for strings that are being converted.

Like the linked thread, this problem does not occur in all Japanese IMEs, but only in ATOK. It is an inconvenience, but not a critical one, so if it is a difficult problem to solve, I do not strongly wish to see it resolved. However, since the problem of duplicate strings in the editor section has been solved before, if there is a way to solve this problem, I would like to see it improved.

Does it happen in source mode?

Does is happen here: https://codemirror.net/

Yes, LP mode and source mode, in sandbox.
It doesn’t happen in CodeMirror field in the website.

are you using chrome?

About https://codemirror.net/ ?
I used Firefox, but it doesn’t happen in Chrome either.

As of the thread linked above, the CodeMirror website did not have this duplicate problem.
Up until v0.14.7, it occurred everywhere in the new editor, but since v0.14.8 or v0.14.9, it no longer occurs in most of normal text entry.
I have recently discovered under what situations the duplication problem still occurs, so I am reporting it again.

does is happen now on chrome?

I am not good at English, so I am sorry if I have misunderstood what you meant.
This duplication problem has never happened on the CodeMirror website with Chrome or Firefox, now or ever.

I have found other situations where strings are duplicated during Kanji conversion.
If you range-select a string that includes the character immediately following symbols such as quotation (>), link ([[,]]), highlight(==), heading or tag (#), etc., and then type a new string and try to convert it to kanji, the string is duplicated.
I suspect that all markdown symbols will cause the above symptoms. The symptoms reproduce in both LP and source mode.