DUNGEONS & DRAGONS (D&D) or any TTRPG question

Hello all! I’m very new to this app and way of note taking.

One of the ideas I have is to create a vault for my TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game). I run (Dungeon/Game Master) a couple different kinds of games.
Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) is the most popular so I’ll stick with that for this request. It could be for any RPG system. I’m more interested in structure.

I’m interested in seeing how others take notes for their sessions and world building. Does anyone share their vaults or have links to a few they know? I’d love to see other methods of organization to get me started.

I also saw a plugin for a Dice Roller and a Leaflet plugin for Maps. I wonder what kind of plugins could be created to augment and support running a game all inside of Obsidian.

Please post your public vaults, methods and plugins you use to help you run your sessions or create your worlds.

Thank you everyone.

There are a few posted here in the forums.

One very slick example using the data view plugin is in this thread: Dataview plugin snippet showcase - #30 by ebullient