Drawing connection lines on top of Plaintext

I would love to see a plugin that would allow to connect words, sentences or paragraphs with visible lines (of different colours) inside the editor as a second layer on the text.

I know this would not be easy to realise, but maybe the idea is worth thinking about.


I definitely agree. I often feel that although the linking, tagging, document structuring, etc. mechanisms are great when you know where you are going, there is definitely some room for for looser and lawless/sketchy/free associative mind mapping abilities that could help you plan your linking strategy and empty your thought in more than just words in hierarchy. If the Mind Map plugin could produce lines between separate items (not based on hierarchy, this could potentially solve the issue.

I have found myself sometimes mind mapping using exported PDFs of quickly drafted unfolded lists within image editing software to draw these lines and brainstorm the system before proceeding to proceed in Obsidian.

Although it is subtle, my flow can become tentative for fear of the even more disruptive and potentially destructive process of having to undo. I guess some of this could be alleviated if there were actual undo capabilities, although I understand there are downsides to that as well.

For this feature functionality, I do understand why you chose plugin, but I would definitely also vote for this as a core feature perhaps with an automated tool to ease the process of making the words into notes or headings and the lines into links.