Freedrawing on notes AND/OR Canvas w/ styluses

Since drawing is not planned on Canvas, I wish we could have a plugin that allow drawing using obsidian’s markdown features. I know there is excalidraw, which is great, but I was wishing for direct drawing on notes and/or canvas.
Notekit (as an example) is a markdown based app with such features: GitHub - blackhole89/notekit: A GTK3 hierarchical markdown notetaking application with tablet support.


I believe the best solution is to use a proper drawing app, screenshot it then paste on the obsidian document.

And a benefit for using a separate program is that the tools available for drawing will be more complete than a plugin ever could.

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Currently I’m using Nebo for this, but I’d prefer to have it inside obsidian, like one note does with its canvas. I like to just write and mix with keyboard typing, kinda messy, but it is my way of thinking


Maybe some sort of hybrid solution, like this: Transparent pane. I could go either way but can’t see any harm in having something good enough for a scribble that is simpler than a separate app, and also more instantaneous than a plugin that requires its own pane for a drawing to be embedded.


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