Sketch Core Plugin

Use case or problem

I prefer to think on paper and link thoughts together with my obsidian vault.
The obsidian excalidraw plugin is almost perfect for this, but the plugin is not designed for sketching and hand drawing notes. Therefore, I find myself with a very laggy hand drawing experience on Obsidian.
I imagine a future where I can place handwritten sketches onto an obsidian canvas, just like placing pieces of physical paper on a table, then connect them together via keywords in the obsidian way.
Evernote, OneNote, and several other competitors have this sketching ability.

Proposed solution

It would be wonderful to have a native hand sketching ability in obsidian. This would be great as a core plugin, since it would add another way of interfacing with the notes in the vault, and a great way to manage handwritten notes.

Current workaround

I tried using excalidraw, but it is laggy on android tablets after just a few strokes. Furthermore, the amount of saved snapshots fills up storage quickly, as mentioned here: Allowing the option to delete file history since it takes up tons of space.
I also tried using onenote or some other app wherein my drawing files are locally saved into the obsidian vault, and thereafter synced. The issue with this is that apps like onenote only save on the cloud, and an iPad app for example like the draw app can only be used on the ipad. This is why I was so happy with excalidraw, since I can use any platform within obsidian to draw, except excalidraw itself is unfortunately not designed for handwritten notes according to the developer of the obsidian excalidraw plugin.

Related feature requests

These are all the issues mentioned which make a very lackluster experience of handwritten notes in obsidian: