Allowing the option to delete file history since it takes up tons of space

Use case or problem

My obsidian vault has passed the sync limit of 10 GB, even though through the viewfinder, it is only 830 MB large. I contacted obsidian sync support, where it was determined that Excalidraw saves a lot of snapshots very quickly. Changing the snapshot interval within Excalidraw helps, but the developer said:
“So the file versions are not saved in the Excalidraw file, but in the Obsidian sync history. I don’t have access to the sync history via JavaScript, so I can’t delete items from the history. Reducing the frequency of saves is the best I can think of - sorry. This could be a nice Obsidian feature request to have some options to prune the sync history, maybe set a maximum number of files to keep, or set a custom limit based on frontmatter tags, or similar.” (BUG: Excalidraw file history causes vault to become very large, passing obsidian sync limit · Issue #958 · zsviczian/obsidian-excalidraw-plugin · GitHub).

Proposed solution

Allow for deleting of file histories. This would allow keeping the current version of the files (and excalidraw files), but without the option to undo. That way, you can clear history of the files you don’t need the history for, saving a lot of space and allowing usage of the vault for longer periods of time.

Current workaround (optional)

I have to create a new vault and copy all my files over. Clearly not optimal.


Indeed, it would be nice to be able to have more granular control over file histories!

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