Drag & Drop from File Explorer to open page for an Internal Link

It would be great if we could simply drag a page that’s visible in File Explorer into position in our open document, and drop to create that internal link.

Interestingly, if you test this action in the current version (0.8.11) the UI suggests we already have this feature, but we don’t. Nothing happens when you drop the floating name into your page.

This post was created in an effort to keep feature requests atomic.

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The feature concept could be extrapolated from the search result request.

It was suggested in the comments of a related feature request for links from backlinks.

And this idea was posted once before by @gigahurt. Strangely it was closed and lost after being merged into a different topic about embedding attachments. That merge conflicts with organizing the forum atomically. (The only relation is that the two features may compete for the same UI action of dragging and dropping. If both features were implemented, one would need to be differentiated by a modifier key)


I agree. I also suggested this feature and it was merged here:

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+1 this would be super useful!

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I want this too!!

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+1 I would really like this

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  1. Open empty note in edit mode
  2. Drag test.md from file explorer into note
  3. The link [[test]] is inserted as text
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Was just gonna suggest this, glad I’m not alone!

It would make it easier to make new indexes, etc. by just dragging.


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I agree, this should prove handy for many users. DEVONthink has a similar feature where you can link to a document from within another one by ⌘-⌥-drag.

PS. If you already use DEVONthink to index your vaults, this might be useful:

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Yes. +1 But only if you can select and drag multiple notes at a time.

drag from the left pane to the content of the note currently being edited , and you have a link to the dragged note.


I’m confused. Are we allowed to create links to internal files? How? When I put in the filepath for a file, I can’t click on it to navigate to the file. Any suggestions?

Will be implemented in v0.10.0

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@WhiteNoise, It sure doesn’t seem like that’s what happened. Instead, it imports the contents of the file, and doesn’t create any internal link.

Furthermore, dragging something like a self-contained html file from a modern web page pretty much kills Obsidian (frozen for minutes).

Importing file content by drag-and-drop is great for images. Not so much for any other file type where copy/paste is already available and provides so much more control.

I am confused. we implemented a lot of (shift) drag-and-drop and copy paste in the few last releases.

You can do this. What am I missing?