Drag and drop pdf to create wikilink not embed

Not sure if this should be a help request or a feature request.

What I’m trying to do

Within my Obsidian vault, I’m trying to drag from the navigation panel on the left into an open note on the right, such that it results in a wikilink rather than an embed.

The result I want:

The problem

No matter which combo of keys I hold down while dragging (Alt, Shift, Ctrl, two of them at the same time) I always get the same result: the pdf is always embedded in my note.

Things I have tried

I’ve looked at 8-10 similar topics. Most are archived and two of them indicate that there are multiple ways to drag and drop files but I think that may relate to dragging from outside Obsidian. I want to do this internally:


I second this request but with an option to create standard Markdown links instead. Sometimes I have to add a list of PDFs to a document. Editing each of them to remove the exclamation mark and add a link title can become tedious.


I second this request. I should be very simple to implement with an option to turn it off and on.

Other requests for this:

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Essentially the same problem here, I think. I want to drag and drop files from the file system into an Obsidian note and have the file copied into the attachments folder (this works today) and then a link created instead of an embed (can’t find any way to do this.) I never want an embed. I always want a link. I wish that was the default, or at least an option.

I too tried all the different key combinations, such as; Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Shift+Ctrl, Shift+Alt, Ctrl+Alt. I cannot find this as a settings option to modify.

My current work around is to set a shortcut key “Shift+Ctrl+C” to copy the full Obsidian path of a file.
Then “Ctrl+Alt+V” as a shortcut key for QuickAdd plugin with a simple Macro that is just a Editor commands → Paste command into Capture Format

[[<% tp.system.clipboard() %>]]