Drag and drop PDF to create wikilink not embed

Unfortunately, there still isn’t one. I still must remove the ! before the [[]] every time.

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I also support this feature. I link to files much more than I embed them, so it would be nice to have the ability to toggle whether new files are added to Obsidian with the embed ![[]] or are just linked [[]]. It would be useful for this to apply to all the ways files could be added to a note, including if they are dragged from the desktop on a computer, dragged from a folder within Obsidian, inserted as an attachment on mobile, etc.

That way I don’t have to manually delete the ! most times since I simply want to link a file. If I do want to embed, I could easily add the ! manually, or change the global setting back to include the ! by default.

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+1 on this. I add PDF’s all the time to my daily note - print outs of emails, reports, meeting agendas and so on, and having them embed seems like a strange default behaviour, as you end up with a cluttered - and increasingly slow - document (and it’s not as good as opening the PDF full screen in a tab or external viewer). Yes, I can remove the ! but it does spoil the workflow, requires a bit of mouse dexterity in lists and checklists, and is time consuming if I add a dozen documents for a meeting.

Would a plugin be able to override the default functionality? It does seem to me to be something that should be ‘off’ by default.


+1 still needed. I add couple of .pdf files and then I must manually change two things:

  • remove “!”
  • replace %20 with spaces for filename legibility
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I back up this feature request, i dont like the auto embedding of PDFs

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