Drag and drop attachment to a note to embed from Obsidian File Explorer

I just started to test how Obsidian handles attachments and… can’t believe my eyes: it is impossible to drag and drop attachment to a note from Obsidian File Explorer. So, you can drag and drop it from outside of the Obsidian, but not from its own File Explorer???

I hope this is a bug… Or this is a major design flaw, which is worse (IMHO).

Catalina 10.15.5
Obsidian 0.6.5
No css


thanks, we’ll look into it.

Looks, like the drag and drop from File Explorer to notes was not planned at all, so this issue is more feature request than bug report. But in the name of completeness: drag and dropping notes from the File Explorer to the current note should make an internal link.

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Correct, never intended it to work so I don’t think it would be a bug report.

Given you have two documents in your file explorer a and b
And a is open in the editor
And a contains the text Example contents
And the users cursor is after the last e in example
When the user drags and drops the b document into the editor
Then the contents of a equals Example[[b]] contents

An additional variation could exist for tags, where you drag a tag from the tag pane into the editor say #tag and it drops the very same value into the cursor location- in this example #tag


I was trying to do the same thing the other day and expected it to work.

Drag&dropping attachments: I wonder if you would consider automatic renaming of such images, so that there is some uniformity in the attachment folder? (something like a ZK code for a filename with some prefix, like IMAGE20200807105053.png (or, whatever the extension is))

Use case or problem

I have a folder with images. I want to insert one of those images into the markdown that I’m currently writing so I drag that image onto the markdown and would expect that it gets linked into the text.

Current workaround (optional)

I need to write down the full path of the image by hand.

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Hmmm. This is interesting.

I drag and drop image onto a page. It shows as ![[image]]. On preview nothing appears.

Images previously dragged are working fine.
So edit mode says it is there. The image is actually in the attachments folder. But nothing on preview :thinking:

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And now suddenly it is working again.

So now working again for me. I always found this was the way it worked, so shouldn’t need to be a feature request. But wasn’t working for a while.

Well, this is what it looks like for me. -> https://imgur.com/FCnTSur I’m using OSX btw.

Ah, I misunderstood.
Drag and drop works for images outside the vault.
When the image is in the vault, it needs to be selected (since it is already present, there is no sense in it being added again), so that’s just a ![[ and selecting from the list which will appear. Won’t need to be typed - though a few letters will speed filtering.

If you are already writing, that’s actually likely to be faster than any drag and drop since there’s no need to use the mouse and no need to find the file.

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Will be implemented in v0.10.0