Drag and drop bullets, list items

I’m 99% sure I could do this a little while back, but now it’s gone! :sob:


This is especially valuable for dealing with todo lists, it’d be great if I could change order easily in preview mode just with the mouse.


up up !!!

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Would also like this.

In the meanwhile I would definitely recommend for you guys to set up a keyboard shortcut that would move paragraph up and down (mine is set to Option+↑ and Option+↓).


Not sure how to do that. I only see a command called Delete paragraph

Here is a relevant request that is very similar: Rearrange parts of note


+1 for moving bullet lists

See Outliner mode (similar to Logseq, Roam, Dynalist)


I would love to be able to rearrange lines within a note using an easy drag and drop similar to the way it works in one note. It would be especially nice if this feature included the ability to adjust the indentation, promoting and demoting single elements and selections of multiple elements within the hierarchy.


there are unassigned hotkeys in the settings that will let you assign something like alt-up arrow to shift a line up, and the same to down if that would help


Cool. I saw them early on, but totally forgot about it. Thanks.

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Hi, when creating something new inside Obsidian from all the richness in my Obsidian Vault, I often miss the ability to drag and drop textblocks to play with the sequence of a note (something that’s available in Notion and that I appreciated). Is there any possibility to do this? Maybe a new plug-in for it?
For instance, maybe it’s easily possible by dragging and arranging via the outline of a note (like you can for instance in Word?)


I like this idea. I would use such a feature and find it useful. I am not a coder so if it can be done, or how is beyond my current technical understanding. Is this possible AND practical to implement? I would guess it can be done, but at what cost in resources, effort and any unanticipated consequences of adding complexity to a simple and elegant piece of software like Obsidian. If it is a “good idea” and some of the principal constraints to doing it are “time and/or money”, then I can say that I would be willing to donate some $ to see it realized and if valuable to coordinate with the people interested in the project. Obsidian is way cool! I’m mind blown. I just started using it 3 days ago and I’m already smarter. LOL

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I saw my post was merged here, but these are different requests although they have similar names. It is my fault. My post was unclear in title and description.

I was talking about the little anchor that appears in onenote when you hover cursor over that area at the beginning of a line. I have not used that software in about 5 years so I am not sure it still exists. Anyways, being able to click and drag that anchor to select and move that line of text not only up and down notes, but also into other notes. One of the cooler things is that you can drag to adjust hierarchy level.

It would also be cool to add modified functionality where an alt drag on an anchor grabs that line and all sub lines.

Writing this out, it sounds like I am requesting a copy of this feature, but I guess I am more so looking for an equivalent regardless of how it is accomplished.

I will avoid referencing other software’s technology if that is a problem. I could see how legal issues may arise, but I just thought it was the quickest way to describe what I was requesting.



Related feature requests:


Would be great to have something like this!

Would be cool to not only have this in the editor, but also be able to drag sections in the Outline tab

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I too would like the native ability to drag and drop bullets, or paragraphs on both mobile and desktop. I do not want this ability via a plugin. I would like it native.


Sure, it’s nice to be able to move headings and blocks around via keyboard shortcuts, but the option (and feel) of dragging and dropping with the mouse is so nice—it’s intuitive. With all the bells and whistles we have in Obsidian, this ability is a no-brainer.

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Yes, please to rearranging bullet points.

Apps that do this well for Dev inspiration:

  • Things 3 (mobile)
  • SmartSheet (desktop)

Oh man things 3 like drag and drop would be amazing!!