Don't delete all settings when syncing from new device

Use case or problem

I made the big mistake of syncing my Obsidian vault on my new laptop and then turning on the syncing of main settings, Appearance settings, Themes and snippets, active core plugin lists, core plugin settings, active community plugins and installed community plugins.

The result was not that they were copied from my vault. Instead, all settings and plugins were removed as none of these were present on the new laptop. This destroyed my whole workflow

Proposed solution

When these things are turned on, ask whether to copy from the other instance or take the settings of the new instance. Or something other than blindly deleting everything on all other instances.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually copy everything from an offline copy I luckily had lying around. I’ve created a new backup for when this bug bites me again.

Related feature requests (optional)

It’s reported as bug multiple times, but as it doesn’t fit the mold very well, it has been sent to bug graveyard multiple times. People have asked help for files that went missing. Maybe it will be tackled finally when passed as a feature request?

Same issue when turning on syncing for image and PDF files :

I don’t think you need external backup. The settings are also versioned. Sync->Settings Version History and you can restore the appropriate version.

Changed title to reflect the actual request (was “Syncing from new device deletes all settings”, which suggests you want deletions to happen).