Is Obsidian Sync deleting files related to Advanced Slides community plugin?

What I’m trying to do

Keep files in Advanced Slides plugin folder from being deleted. This is happening almost every day I use Obsidian (at least 30 files, yet the plugin remains installed). I first notice it when either I am unable to get to the preview page, or else I get there but my custom theme is gone. From the Deleted files history, it looks like Obsidian sync is deleting them from my phone, even though Advanced Slides is toggled off there (and impossible to toggle on.)

Things I have tried

I did find a bug related to Obsidian Sync deleting files, although that one had been squashed. I have not noticed this issue with any other plugin.

It may also be worth checking the plugin’s GitHub issues to see if there are any reports about this.


I paused Sync from its settings and had no issues with files disappearing. I closed and reopened the apps on both desktop and Android, no problem. Then I unpaused it, again I had no issues, until I closed and reopened the desktop app at least once. And I noticed the preview was blank again, but my custom theme, custom_whitely.css was still there, even though Deleted files view in the Sync setting says it was deleted.

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