Disable theme syncing for eInk/oLED devices

Use case or problem

If you have an OLED device, you’ll favour DARK themes.
If you have an eInk device, you’ll need LIGHT themes.
If you want to view the same vault on both devices, you’re going to have to choose.

Proposed solution

A checkbox to not sync the themes and have themes tied to each device, enabled by default.

Current workaround (optional)

If you use Syncthing rather than paid sync, you can exclude “appearance.json” from syncing by setting it as an ignore pattern in the folder sync options of syncthing.

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What I like about this request, less than the specific ability to disable syncing themes, is the more general ability to set themes per device. As I imagine it, focusing on the setting, rather than the not-syncing might lead to a few different options.

Other workarounds:

I think this is already possible with Obsidian Sync as well. Although this might override all settings, which is a big downside.

Settings → About → Override config folder

I’ve also seen a few help requests asking for the ability to set styles based on detecting the device. There might be some existing CSS workarounds too.