Add light theme toggle button at very first page (Login sync / Create vault / Open vault)

Use case or problem

I use E-ink android tablet Boox note 2, which will be happy for light theme.
But the very first page use dark theme, thats is Login sync / Create vault / Open vault page.
This page display FULL BLACK in E-ink device.

The theme switching options is need to open a vault.

Proposed solution

Is there have an Add light theme toggle button, change light theme or dark theme before open vault?
Show an options when click button, settings will be temporary.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m using another non-Eink devices, remember the button positions and click button in the same positions.

Related feature requests (optional)

Option to disable animations on mobile

Disable theme syncing for eInk/oLED devices

Yeah, I think that all UIs should be light-themed by default. Defaulting to dark mode isn’t friendly.