Dangerzone (FlowState-like plugin prototype)

Yes, this is exactly what happened to me as well. Had a note open when the plugin was installed and I encountered the same error once it was installed. But opening a fresh note solved it and now the plugin works perfectly.

Love it and keep up the good work!


long time no see, pattman, good to see you are commenting on such an interesting plugin!

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My text gets deleted even if I keep writing. Am I the only one experiencing this bug?


No it happens to me too. Even if I set the writing time to 20 seconds, it just starts deleting even as I type.

Hi @Dangal and @jwb - Just to make sure: Have you tried starting by opening a new note similar to what @pattman mentions above?

@Dangal and @jwb – I was able to reproduce and “fix” the issue under the following circumstances:

  1. I have a note open
  2. I install/enable the plugin
  3. I start a session

Result: Text fades away and gets deleted even though I’m typing.

Problem: The note was open before the plugin was installed. Clicking the button doesn’t fully hook into the note/keystrokes aren’t registered to reset the timer correctly.

Solution 1: Refresh Obsidian (Command-R) to make sure plugin, note and keystrokes are hooked up
Solution 2: Close note and open again this one time to make sure plugin, note and keystrokes are hooked up

Both work for me. Let me know how it goes for you!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


Thanks. That works for me! Great plugin, especially with the adjustable times. It’s good to be able to set longer times for harder writing jobs. :+1:

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I found there was a problem for me. When I was using non-English language to write something down, it always would delete all of the contents.

Author of The Most Dangerous Writing App here. Thanks for the plugin, helps me not having to use my own dirty code :wink:

I typically want to write with a word limit, not a time limit - useful for morning pages (500 words), or even doing the whole NaNoWriMo in one setting if you’re feeling particularly ambitions / suicidal (50,000 words). Could we get an options to choose from either time-limit or word-limit?


i installed your plugin.
i’m going in.

just here for moral support :sob:



I installed your plugin but it deletes everything I type even when I type continously. As I’m typing quickly, the text goes gray, then light gray, then dissapears, no matter how fast or often I type.

I’m on Linux.


There’s the PaperCut plugin if you want a word limit.

I believe there’s a setting for how quickly text should be deleted—check there? Maybe it is 0 for some reason.

Hi! I have a suggestion. Could you make the plugin turn off not when you write a certain amount of time (1 minute, 10 minutes), but when you write a certain number of words or characters.
For example, you write 500 words without stopping and only after that the plugin turns off.
It would be cool if you implemented such a feature!

I can confirm that it’s not that.
I have it set to 5 secs and I have tried changing it, doesn’t help: once I start typing the text begins to fade out, no keypresses prevent that.

I have the same problem. I am typing whatever and the text starts to fade out. Increased it to 10 seconds but it doesn’t seem to be detecting typing.

This plugin is great! The idea is fun, but the problem is that it doesn’t work. I’m using obsidian v0.13.19 in macOS and the button of the plugin doesn’t do anything. The time isn’t showing, and the text not disappear.

Is there a problem with this plugin and the current obsidian version?


This plugin has been broken for a few months for me. Nothing happens when I start a new dangerzone session. Would love to be able to use this again!

this plugin doesn’t work.

Can confirm: plugin is broken. @akaalias