750 words

Like the amazing journaling website https://750words.com/

If the note is a daily note and word count >= 750 words, show a green checkmark next to the word count


This is a great idea and reminds me a lot of The DangerZone plugin by @akaalias. I think it already has a writing goal in terms of minutes, but not in terms of words written. This sounds like it could be easy to implement and a great addition to an already great plugin!


Thanks for sharing this website. It looks very promising just started my 750 words session.

I really like how it use gamification and text analysis which motivates to write.

yeah I kind of want to have this kind of plugin. I like 750words.com’s function, however after 1 month trial, going back to Obsidian feels like going home. Until now I still use the DangerZone plugin for this function in hope there would be a more suitable “morning pages” plugin.