Create a Working/Temporary Starred Files List/Pane

It’s great that we can star files to quickly access later. But sometimes all that is wanted is to save a file/“tab” for later (I’m one of those people with 143 tabs open in my browser at all times).

Could there be a duplication of the Starred Files list and an associated command palette option to drag or ctrl+alt+click/hotkey send a link to the Working List? I could then drag that to the sidebar and use it to open files when I’m ready.

A perfect example of how this would be useful is that I just started going through @NickMilo 's wonderful IMF Vault workflow template, or even just Obsidian Help files. He links you to many of the other pages, but my only option is to either open infinite panes or (fail to) remember to go back and check the other links. I don’t want to clutter my permanent Starred Files list, just make a temporary one of links to come back to.

This seems like a good idea for a plugin, when v1.0 is released. The starred files is already a plugin.

For now, I think you can emulate most of it sans the hotkey. You can create a new note, call it Working List, then drag it to the sidebar. You can edit notes in the sidebar and many of us use it to gather todos or links like this. I’ve one called Scratchpad for quick captures always present in the sidebar below the file list.

Thanks - I didnt even consider that. How exactly do you go about adding links to the scratchpad? Switch to edit mode, copy and paste? Would be nice if there was a right-click context menu for copying while in Preview mode.

The scratchpad is always in edit mode since its purpose is to have the quickest way to capture something. I usually don’t need to copy/paste links, the [[ autosuggest works decently but I only have a few hundred notes so may be that’s a factor.

BTW there is a right click context menu in preview mode both to copy text from the body and to copy the title from the title bar. Are you talking about something else?

In preview mode, the right-click context menu only applies to a selection - you can’t right click on a link (as you can in a web-browser) to copy it. Moreover, it only copies text, not a formatted hyperlink. So, you are forced to switch the page you are reading in Preview mode to Edit mode, highlight the link, and copy/paste to the scratchpad. Very cumbersome.

I suppose there’s a few more feature requests in here - right click unselected links, copy link rather than text… I will try out your idea of using the [[autosuggest feature. Perhaps it’ll be more efficient. But I think both a proper Scratchpad starred files would be eventually useful.

However, your scratchpad seems to be a reasonable workaround to another of my feature requests - to have a Roam-like, infinitely scrollable sidebar that you can drag/add reference material to. Opening the full notes as panes, as some have suggested and I’ve been doing, ends up being cluttered and unusable.

To anyone who cares, this CSS code allows you to open up an infinite amount of vertical panes that can be scrolled through. I think its an even better solution to a “working list” for a tab-hoarder like me!