Command to Quick-add link to Starred Files

In lieu of a temporary starred files/tab list, I’m using the starred files list to save notes that I’d like to view soon/later. It is a tremendous hassle to open one in a new pane, then use a hotkey to star it, then hotkey to close it.

It would be great to be able to right click, ctrl+alt click or drag a link into the starred files list.


You can already right click to star/unstar notes in the files panel. Do you mean right clicking on links in the body of the note?

Exactly - add the link to Starred Files from within the body. I suppose a broader and related feature request would be a right-click context menu…

Interesting. While I’ve not run into a need for this myself, I can imagine certain use cases where it could be handy. I’ve often found myself dragging links to the sidebar though trying to put a link inside a folder.

I can think of one huge advantage of having a context menu inside the note to treat links as actual files- renaming!

Presently, Obsidian automatically updates links in all notes when a note is renamed. This is very useful and a great feature. However, if you accidentally change a link to that note instead of renaming the note, this change doesn’t propagate to the original note and the other places where this link is used. This is good by design since you could be referring to something else totally and it doesn’t make sense to rename a file by renaming its link. BUT if you could right click on a link and it gives you option to rename the file, it becomes clear that the actual file is being renamed and not the link. This could allow quicker renaming without finding/opening the actual note.


Yes, that’s one good use case. This request really works in tandem with my other few requests - Roam sidebar (which you partially solved with putting your Scratchpad idea in the sidebar) and Temporary/Scratchpad Starred Files list.

A full right-click context menu with many command options, in both preview and edit mode, as well as any pane title, would be very useful and seemingly not a big ask - the options largely exist, right clicking exists in certain places. Just make it all universal!

It’s definitely coming. A new editor is on the roadmap which combines both preview/edit mode. Ideally, it’d work something like Typora. I had a discussion with the developer on Discord and he mentioned that the current editor is a totally custom one where they can’t use builtin features and in the future we’ll have options to switch between this or the other editor.

Yeah, I’m extremely impressed with Obsidian and I’m sure there are lots of great things in the pipeline - especially a Typora-like editor and graphing improvements. I’m just adding some more (seemingly small) ideas to the list that they can prioritize as they/the community sees fit!