Temporary working list

The single thing that is still preventing me from switching to Obsidian is the lack of a sidebar where I can endlessly store temporary notes I’m using while working on a given topic. In Roam that’s arguably the most powerful feature: Shift+Clicking is enough to add the notes to an infinite queue.

Panes don’t do the trick: the friction is too high. You have to resize them, and real estate is limited.

Others a few months ago asked for the same feature (see for example here and here), but back then there was no plugin system. It looks to me much easier to accomplish with by leveraging plugins, and I’ve been waiting for v.1.0 basically just for that single feature :joy:


Star notes?

Maybe not what you’re looking for, but you can drag a note to one of the sidebars. If the note is in edit mode you can keep editing text while it’s in the sidebar. It’s not that different from having two note panes open but the note should stay saved in the sidebar until you remove it.

It’s a very effective hack, but a hack nonetheless unfortunately.

Shift-clicking to add to a temporary buffer is a very neat UX pattern, that reminds me of browser tabs (see Vivaldi browser, for an expansion around that). The current Obsidian implementation is like having a single-tab browser, with the only way to work on several files all at once being bookmarking them (that invalidates the function of bookmarking in the first place).

If nothing comes up, though, starring could definitely be good enough — thanks for the suggestion!