Converting evernote to obsidian

I found an interesting utility for converting notes from evernote to Obsidian.
But it failed to launch. Maybe someone will succeed, then share the recipe.


This looks like it could work:

I worked with Ákos last week to use Yarle to successfully migrate all my Evernotes to Obsidian, and I’m very pleased with the final results. Because this is a node.js app, you need to carefully follow the directions for the node dependencies. I’m on a Windows machine, so had to install a few build packages via npm as outlined in the instructions, which was fairly painless. Then in Evernote: Select All -> Export… ->Export as enex. Once that’s done, from command line run yarle — there are a bunch of example command lines on the github page.

This successfully converted all my notes to markdown, retained all Tags, Creation and Modification dates, as well as embedded images, which can optionally be converted to Obsidian form: ![[my_image.png]]. I have successfully put Evernote behind me.

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Thanks for the answer. Could you tell us more about how to install them? I end up with an error in npm i can be uses an an intermediary for this. Use Notion’s Evernote importer and then export from Notion as Markdown.


Yarle worked great for me on macOS… Just cloned the repo, ran a few commands to set it up (as shown in the readme), and it was able to process 99% of my Evernote files without issue. There are just a handful that an error printed for that I’ll need to manually check.

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Hi @Vadych!

I’m sorry, I missed this thread.
Could you please share a bit more info about the failure?
You can reach me on PM.


Everything worked out. I had to install Node.js for this instruction.
You must install version 10.18.1
After npm i there were error messages. The in needs to be fixed by running npm audit fix
Then follow the instructions. It worked perfectly

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Or in any case npm audit fix --force, but be careful! And then npm rebuild.

For those who arrive here after the release 2.9.0 of Yarle, it now supports any Node version > 10, and some Evernote notes which would fail to convert are now OK.

I was last hacking on the python scripts in trying to fix places it was breaking for my notes.

Curious to try yarle. Anyone know if it works for some types of webclipper notes? A lot of my notes are of the form (Clip to Evernote > Bookmark)

Notes of Web Clips are not supported (yet)."

Don’t upgrade to Evernote 10. We have introduced restrictions on the selection of a maximum of 50 notes.
And it works very poorly


Evernote 10 is a complete disaster.


The good news is, Evernote having turned into an absolute unusable disaster should be a benefit to Obsidian. I waited and suffered with version 7.x for years before they dropped v10…and that was the straw that broke the camel’s back and pushed me to seek refuge in Obsidian.

I just wish there was a really great way to import my EN notes. I’ve tried YARLE but it still mangles a lot of stuff and cleaning up notes is so tedious.


You just described me. Version 10 of Evernote came out, broke my file links, and that was that for me.

Keep in mind that yarle may fail to convert some notes. It converted 99% for me, but I doubt you want to discover later that a note that you really need is missing. For some reason it was not obvious for me during the conversion that it was not 100% successful. So be vigilant.
Otherwise yarle is a good tool to get the job done and move away from Evernote, which no longer works for me after many years of paid subscription.

Hi @Scientist !

Could you please provide me some insights about which kind of notes were failed to be converted?
I’m glad to improve the code to let you reach 100% .

Apologies if I am way off base here, but what worked for me was using Evernote Legacy to Joplin and then to Obsidian. I had the extra step of having to import OneNote into Evernote, but maybe Evernote Legacy could help?

I’m trying to debug it, but so far I was not able to find enough time to finish the process. My gut feeling is that it’s related to the case (in)sensitivity on macOS. By default macOS uses a non-case sensitive filesystem. I see that yarle resolves duplicates and assign them unique file names, but I guess the conversion code uses a case sensitive matching, which inadvertently leads to a file overwrite (i.e. same output for two notes that different only in the letter case). I came to this hypothesis based on what notes are missing.
Take it with a grain of salt though - it’s just a hypothesis. I didn’t have time to understand it in details.

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Could anyone give me a help?

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