Command "Open today's daily note" returns "Error: file name cannot contain …"

Things I have tried

I have no idea what to try to fix the error.

What I’m trying to do

Invoking either the ribbon action or command: “Open today’s daily note” returns “Error: File name cannot contain any of the following characters: \ / :”

How /where do I fix the error?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you look in Settings > Core plugins - Daily notes, is there anything custom in the data format/new file location/template location that might have a prohibited character (depends on OS)?

No, see screenshot.

macOS 13.0.1
Obsidian 1.0.3

You literally have a prohibited character in your screenshot, the colon :

The error message in your original post even helpfully mentions you can’t use a colon…

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As an aside, if you want Obsidian to automatically create subfolders for years and months for you, you can use a pattern such as:


To comply fully with ISO8601: Combined date and time and also to comply with only legal characters, you could use YYYYMMDD[T]HHmm as the date format. Or if you are little more lenient, you could skip the T and use something else, like a space, [ ], or a dash/minus, [-].


Last I checked (and I haven’t tested in a while) this technically works, but isn’t supported well. So the navigation hotkeys no longer work. Which isn’t a deal-breaker, but inconvenient. (If this has changed, please let me know.)

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Yeah, I feel stupid, but TIL the Date format is the file name. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thank you. I am using a period between the date and time, and all is working. Too bad the colon can’t be used - HH:mm.

Hello, @rigmarole

I didn’t know about the navigation-hotkeys issue; I have never used them. To navigate, I use:

  • Dataview queries in my notes, inserted when the notes are created using Templater
  • The Calendar plugin
  • The quick switcher / CMD O
  • The vault’s binder / list of folders and files

It seems that ignorance, on my part, is bliss. :laughing:

I like the structure created by using YYYY/MM/YYYY-MM-DD-dddd, and so far I haven’t run into any problems. Appreciate the warning.

(I know you know all the plugins I listed. I added links in case anyone else reads this thread and wants quick links to them.)

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