Daily notes + Templater = NaN


When a dailynote is generated automatically, Templater generate “NaN” for all <% template command %>. Everything working greate 1 month ago.



How to reproduce

  1. Click on “Open today’s daily note”

  2. Right mouse click on folter and call “< % create new not form template”’ `

By the way, adding an issue with generating a date format error : 000-12-31 insted of 2022-11-28

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Not Obsidian

The NaN issue is Templater bug. Roll back to 1.15.3 until a fix comes. "NaN" (from dynamic command) spreading through my vault · Issue #910 · SilentVoid13/Templater · GitHub

Thx a lot ! Have you got a process to rollback please ?

I find the repo : Release 1.15.3 · SilentVoid13/Templater · GitHub
And just Copy main.js, manifest.json and styles.css to the template folder location (in my local vault)

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