Daily Notes, next and previous fail when using folder in template

Steps to reproduce

It is possible to include a folder in the Daily Notes template. For example, I use this:

This automatically puts the notes into a folder for the current year. This is incredibly convenient and useful for long-term journal structure.

But when using a folder in the template, Open next daily note and Open previous daily note no longer functions. The commands don’t even appear, just like when there are no matching Daily Notes to find.

Expected result

I would expect the plugin to be able to search the template including the YYYY/ path, or any arbitrary valid path.

Actual result

The next and previous commands are simply not available.


  • Operating system: MacOS
  • Obsidian version: 0.13.5 (installer 0.11.13)

Additional information

Here is a quick screencapture from the Help Vault.

My example settings:


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I think this is more FR than BR. I don’t directories were meant to be added in the date format field hence your problem.